foundmedia production studio was established in 2014 as a technical services provider to lo-fi media and hardware creators, Г5—54.

Later we became independent, still maintaining some projects of the former benefactors.

Today we focus on any media projects, which can be implemented using the turnkey principle: starting working on it from a scratch we should be able to implement our design principles to the full force without compromise.

We hate design but favor design thinking.

We curse this life but demand its sustainability.

We adore web projects working on shitty 3g networks or via Tor and not driving you mad.

We like media smoothly and consistently on your grandmother’s old mobile.

We care about human life at non-human times.

We consider digital ecology and favor your easygoing anywhere, anytime.

Don't fuck with writers, they will describe.

■ Web pages and domains management.

■ Sustainable web services, available under multi-level censured internet reality of 2020s.

■ WordPress / Drupal / etc. themes customization.

■ WordPress-based theme development. Fully tailored to your dreams.

■ Sound recording, design and production: on-stage, in-the-fields, analog, digital, VR-compatible.

■ Video recording, color grading, production (but we tend to exclude animation and object rendering as much as possible. Effects are boring. Content is cool).

■ Photography (arhitectural, interior, object, including color-proofed processes and artwork photos).

■ Want more? Tell us what exactly.